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A tree's growth and strength is based upon the nourishment it receives and the depth of its roots, any organisation's growth  and strength is defined by its primary purpose and the ideology with which it was created and run by.

Honesty and Service might sound a little old fashioned in today's construction business where 'practical' business approach is preferred. But for someone who came to Gujarat, India from  Africa in the  70s, with the intention of settling down in India permanently,  Mr. Bhikhubhai Nanjibhai Padsala hardly brought any money with him. What he did not have financially, he made good with a rich heritage of ethical business practice.

Thus in the 70s, B.Nanji Construction Company, established by Mr. Bhikhubhai began its operations with small independent houses' construction work.

Over a period of time the operations expanded to  Housing Societies of varying sizes and Housing Colonies. Then the Company grew in size to undertake construction of townships and land development projects...

Under the able guidance, vision and operating style of Mr. Bhikhubhai, a small construction company grew in to a massive organization that it is today.

From the 70s and through the 80s, the Company grew and made progress in the business steadily. During this period, it made the City of Ahmedabad its main centre of activity and gave special emphasis to construction work in the eastern part of the city.

A huge chunk of Ahmedabad's middle class population lives in the areas of Maninagar, Bapunagar, Isanpur, Amraiwadi and Odhav. There has always been a steady demand for quality and affordable housing in these areas by the immigrants and their families from other cities and states, who come to Ahmedabad in search of employment in its thriving Diamond polishing, Textiles and Dyes & Chemical Industries. As a result of people searching for good accommodation according to their budgets, these areas have always seen hectic construction activity.

If one were to look at it from the business point of view, for a Company operating in the Construction business, it is a great opportunity and has been a key ingredient in the Company's immensely successful growth.
In 1975, the Company started 'India Colony' Township in Bapunagar. In a span of 8 years as the various phases this project were completed, it made a huge contribution in the systematic development of the entire area.
Today, after 20 years, the original price of the  housing property which was between Rs.10,000/- to Rs.45,000/- has risen to Rs.9 lakhs to Rs.25 lakhs. The entire area is known as 'India Colony Area'.

What could be more satisfying and rewarding than this recognition for a construction Company?

With the unparalleled success of the 'India Colony' Bapunagar project, the Company was encouraged to take up similar projects elsewhere as well, in Ahmedabad city.

B. Nanji takes pride in the high quality of its projects. Our site engineers are always motivated towards neat, clean and strong construction.

In the 2001 earthquake not a single project of B.Nanji was affected.

The Company is well equipped to handle residential projects of any size, in any area.

Our team of professionals comprising Civil Engineers, Site Supervisors, Architects, Interior designers, Legal advisors, Landscape designers and experienced workers is always focused on completing the projects within the given time frame.

Right from its days of inception, B.Nanji has strived to provide for the vast yet neglected category of middle class people's needs and requirements.

The Company not only focused on good buildings but also a good environment. Apart from  basic amenities like electricity and water,  our definition of a good environment also entails open spaces for children to play, wide roads, shops to fulfill the various day to day needs of the residents, if possible a dispensary and a school.

Moreover, we have tried to make quality affordable. For example we have decided on features like Doors, Windows, Floorings etc based on the preference of the client rather than their cost.

In the last 30 years, we have initiated three India Colony projects in Ahmedabad.

Out of these, India Colony Nikol construction work is completed. In this township by June 2008, over 500 families have come to reside.

The company plans to spread its ideology of 'one house, one lifetime' in every nook and corner of Gujarat by using the India Colony Project as a vehicle to reach this goal. As a part of implementation of this idea, land acquisition and management procedures have already commenced.

B.Nanji is now fully geared to implement the housing project, which is perhaps the largest in western India.

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