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A tree's growth and strength is based upon the nourishment it receives and the depth of its roots, any organisation's growth  and strength is defined by its primary purpose and the ideology with which it was created and run by.

Honesty and Service might sound a little old fashioned in today's construction business where 'practical' business approach is preferred. But for someone who came to Gujarat, India from  Africa in the  70s, with the intention of settling down in India permanently,  Mr. Bhikhubhai Nanjibhai Padsala hardly brought any money with him. What he did not have financially, he made good with a rich heritage of ethical business practice.

Thus in the 70s, B.Nanji Construction Company, established by Mr. Bhikhubhai began its operations with small independent houses' construction work.

Over a period of time the operations expanded to  Housing Societies of varying sizes and Housing Colonies. Then the Company grew in size to undertake construction of townships and land development projects...

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